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Chlorinators and Dosing Systems

Chlorinators and Dosing Systems

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Zodiac TRi-X0

Zodiac TRi-X0 CrossOver sets a new level of flexibility and control for the pool owner.

TRi-X0 software has been designed to configure to either using traditional salt based chlorination or CrossOver to the ever growing popular method of using mineral salts. The great thing is that you can CrossOver at anytime, so even if you begin using salt you can reset the software to configure it to use minerals.

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Zodiac Ei2

Designed with the gentle art of relaxation in mind, the Ei2 chlorinator is quick and easy to install, operate and maintain giving you more time to perfect your relaxation techniques.

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PH Perfect

To maintain pool health the most critical element is pH balance, without it everything else will be unstable. pH Perfect was designed to give your pool perfect balance everyday.

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Chloromatic Salt Water Chlorinator

Ideal salt water chlorinator for residential pools

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