Caring for your Spa

Caring for your Spa
Caring for your spa pool is important. From making sure your equipment is running efficiently to keeping your water sanitised and balanced. This means you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the spa and relax comfortably.
Whether you have recently purchased your first spa pool or if you are needing a few reminders this spa season, we aim to guide you with this blog, through the three main steps to caring for your spa pool along with product recommendations from our range of BioGuard Spa chemicals.
#1: Water Filtration and Circulation
Circulation is the flow of water throughout your spa pool. Circulation is generated by the pump. During this process, the filters will catch any unwanted contaminants i.e., body fats and oils, leaves and small debris.
It is important to ensure that your spa is getting enough circulation and filtration time, as this will aid in the prevention of algae and any undesirable problems.
To keep water clarity and efficient filtration, we recommend cleaning your spa filters regularly. If you are using the spa often or have many people using your spa, we advise to hose the filters down once weekly and deep clean at least once a month.
Deep cleaning means to remove the filters and let them soak in a specialty cleaning solution – we recommend BioGuard Filter Brite or Bioguard Filter Renew. Allow filters to soak for 24 hours before hosing off and leaving to dry. It is helpful to have a spare filter to enable you to swap the filters out when needed.
#2: Sanitiser & Oxidiser
Using a sanitiser in your spa water is essential. It acts to keep your water healthy and free from harmful bacteria. We have a range of sanitisers available including chlorine, bromine and chlorine-free alternatives.
Sanitisers also work alongside your circulation to prevent any algae growth or bacteria build-up.
It is also noted to oxidise your water regularly. This removes chloramines or combined chlorines and to keep your water clear and sparkling. When you do not oxidise the water you will notice the strong chlorine smell that is caused by chloramines – we recommend using BioGuard Purity.
#3: Water Balance
The three fundamental elements of your water balance are Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness. When you keep these three elements balanced, you prevent the risk of damaging spa equipment and lessen the risk of personal reactions such as itchy skin.
Good water balance will also aid your sanitiser to do it’s job efficiently and correctly. It is advisable to bring in a sample of your water fortnightly and we can guide you to balance your water.
Total Alkalinity – BioGuard Performance Up
pH – BioGuard Aquality
Calcium Hardness – BioGuard Shield
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