Burn Out Extreme, 600g Bag

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Burn Out Extreme’s multifunctional granules provide a convenient and economical means for shocking swimming pools and for treating pools with chlorine demand and/or algae problems.

  • 727g/kg trichloroisocyanuric acid
  • 660g/kg available chlorine
  • One 600g bag treats a 50,000 litre pool
  • Totally soluble, multifunctional granular product
  • Built-in clarifiers and water-enhancing agents
  • Skimmer-fed one bag application
  • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good


  • Ideal for solving chlorine demand issues
  • Ensures sparkling clear pool water
  • Improves filter efficiency
  • Less skin and eye irritation than many chlorinating products
  • No need to pre-dissolve
  • Easy to use
  • Storage and transport friendly