Liquid Stabiliser 2.5L

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BioGuard Liquid Stabiliser mixes in water instantly, and can be applied directly into pool water or into the skimmer. Using this product reduces chlorine use and maintenance costs.

  • Stabilises chlorine to protect from UV loss.
  • Mixes in faster than granular or powdered stabiliser.
  • Preserves residual chlorine.
  • Not for use in pools on a bromine system.
  • Classified as Non-Dangerous Good.


  • No pre-dissolving = Less time managing your pool.
  • Saves money as it reduces chlorine usage by up to half.
  • Easily applied directly into pool water, or into skimmer.
  • Ideal for all outdoor pools.
  • Great for use with cyclone pre-filters.
  • Storage and transport friendly.
  • Perfect for pools with cartridge filters. 
  • Ideal as a mid season top-up. 

350g/L Monosodium Cyanurate Monohydrate

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